Step-by-step guide to carve a wooden spoon

Step-by-step guide to carve a wooden spoon So are you interested in wood carving and want to create something useful? Read on the step-by-step guide to carve your personal wooden spoon. From finding the right type of wood to using your Dremel accessories, polishing and finishing to make it ready for the dining table, it’s all so exciting that you’ll be looking forward to making a cutting board as a next project.

This is the most important part. You may be confused by the choice, but softwood such as willow, lime or birch are much simpler to carve and this will make your project easier to achieve. In this guide we will use birch wood. If you would like more information on choosing the type of wood suitable for carving, refer to our “Beginner Wood Carving Guide”.

It’s time to cut, so wear your glove and goggles. To perform a controlled division along the center of the wood, stick the ax at the top of the piece, lift it up and gently hit your work surface. Done? Great.

Once you have split your piece of wood, clean the surface with the ax and remove the dark heartwood. With the aid of the ax, remove a small section of the wood until the dark line in the middle is removed.

Now this is a fun step: eliminate the bark and clean up the wood. First of all, take the accept again. Start from the center and go down, angle the ax to the outside so that it is easier to remove the bark. Remove the rest of the bark with a small knife and … congratulations, at this point you have the base for your spoon!

Get comfortable. This part may take a few hours, but this is where you will see your creation take shape. Take the carving knife and, using your thumb again to pry it, start removing very thin layers of wood. By shaping the front and back, be sure to make the handle as straight and smooth as possible. If you are making a double spoon, remember that one end must be bigger than the other.