There are essentially three types of carving

Notched carving (or with a knife tip)
This type of notch is carried out on various types of flat surfaces, for example, plates, boxes, etc. The design is geometric and to have a good result must be harmonious, is performed with compass, square, circoligraph, goniometer and pencil with a thin tip (0.5 mm).

From a purely technical point of view, the notch is the simplest form of wood engravings, the set of notches allows the realization of ornamental motifs of great artistic value. This type of notch allows already from the first approach to obtain results that push the performer to continue in this particular process. The works made in notches with engraved triangles are also completed with curved or straight lines more or less deep. It is undoubtedly an excellent school for other types of woodworking such as bas-reliefs, all-round sculpture, etc.

Floral carving
This notch is made with gouges and chisels. The design is subjective, giving free rein to your imagination. The floral and knife-like carving can be performed on the same product.

The floral carving is a decorative carving. You can decorate plates, boxes, frames or even create floral panels. The drawing must be performed following a certain criterion. Unlike the knife-like carving, where the design is geometric and there are no empty spaces to fill, in the floral intaglio the discourse changes, the design must be studied in such a way that between one flower and the other there is not too large a space to be cleaned or filled by punching it. This notch can be inserted at the same time in a manufactured item with a knife tip. For example, the flower can be inserted in a circle. The petals inserted inside a circle or a rhombus must touch the extremes of the circle or the rhombus.

Gothic carving
The Gothic style is predominant throughout the Middle Ages, architectural style typical of many of the major European cathedrals. Gothic art is not just about architecture: even painting and sculpture. In this lesson I will teach you how to make a gothic bas-relief.

The gothic carving generally has a complex design and is characterized by various engraving levels that exceed the centimeter.